Mini Seatpack


Super handy, great for those who like all the gear up front but don't want to waste valuable real estate under the saddle.

Bigger than a saddle roll, smaller than a 'bikepacking' seatpack.

A neat way of storing small bits for longer jaunts, whether that's a first aid kit and some tools, or a packable rain jacket and some gloves (if mother nature decides to test you one afternoon...).

Available in heaps of different colours to match your ride, the ideal cherry on top for any touring or randonneuring set-up!

Install by placing the stitched part between the rails, thread either side and clip round the bag. Secure further by fastening the velcro strip to the seat post.

Made from 1000D Nylon with a PU Floating Liner, simple weatherproof construction.

All materials made right here in the UK as is norm for us at BIGxTOP... and of course it goes without saying that these are made in our small workshop by people who share your interests.

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