Just like its predecessor, this bag is made to be unbeatable on toughness whilst still retaining a clean and simple look.

Heavily inspired by the classic heritage of hiking backpacks here in the UK, this tube shaped bag is as comfortable out on the moors as it is on a weekend away.

This bag has come from a good solid run of testing by the designer himself (Jordan) and is still his go to bag for day to day activity. Whilst it is a touch bigger than the Daysack, there are several differences such as the single buckle closure, duffel style cinch and a single exterior pocket in the lid.

The name comes from the 'duffel' style closure at the top of the bag, which is easily covered by the shaped lid to keep the weather out. The stiffness of the Polyester Reinforced PVC (Truck Tarp) also gives the bag that characteristic tube shape even when empty.

Two compression straps on each side mean ample space to lash gear to. This is accompanied by MOLLE webbing on the front for use with the standardised MOLLE and PALS systems that you see on military gear. The lower compression strap also works brilliantly as an adjustable U-Lock holster, not unlike the side pocket on a Daysack.

1000 Denier Nylon Outer shell, with a super strong 'Truck Tarp' floating liner. This means no seams go from the outside to the inside of the bag - making it highly weatherproof!

All the cord (zip pullers and drawstring) on the bag is a US 550 Paracord.

All materials made right here in the UK as is norm for us at BIGxTOP... and of course it goes without saying that these are made in our small workshop by people who share your interests.

Like all our products, this is made to order. This means that we don't spend time making the wrong things and therefore the savings come to you. Depending on how busy it is when you order, you should expect the bag to be dispatched within two weeks. If you need the bag sooner please contact us, the worst we can do is say no.

Dimensions: 550 x 280 x 200 (mm)

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