Saddle Roll


The Saddle Roll, simple yet essential for hardcore roadies and commuters alike. Hate stuffing your jersey with repair kit and cant stand the jangling around of your saddle bag? Grab one of these.

Designed to be forgotten about until it's needed, the narrow profile of the roll ensures there's no chafing when you're back in the saddle on a 15% climb. This, coupled with a tight fit against the saddle, ensures that you won't even know it's there.

That being said, it's available in a number of fantastic colours to match the highlights on your bike and/or personality. The majority of these bags are made from scraps from the larger bags in our lineup - so it's a win win.

Fits a road or cyclocross tube, two shots of CO2, your favourite CO2 pump/nozzle, tyre levers and even a magic chain link if it tickles your fancy.

To install, you want the place where the strap joins the roll to be inbetween your saddle rails - threading your buckle through one side and the strap through the other, then just dress it and tighten up.

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